Fleet Freedom (2012-01-19)

New Reports System

The reports system in the Fleet Freedom® has been radically rewritten to be more flexible, return more accurate results, and provide finely tuned tools for filtering.

You can target multiple Accounts for a single report, and filter those results based on regional data. You can reduce unwanted results by using parameters like Time of Day to weed out after hours exceptions. The filters will allow you to show only events from within a certain Zone, or exclude any results from within that Zone.

For example, you can run an Idling report and only return the results when those devices are within red Zones. Or a specific Zone. Or a province/state, or country. Or whether they were near a specific Location, or fleet of Locations. Or use all those filters together!

  • If you run a report without saving it, you can still come back up to 24 hours later and review it.
  • The list of archived reports can be very large, so to help sort the clutter the archive is now filterable. Filters are based on report type, account, the schedule which ran the report, and the date the report was run.
  • Results can be saved to the online archive in Fleet Freedom®, or downloaded as a CSV file.
  • Scheduled Reports can now be configured to run on a specific day of the month, or a specific weekday. ie; the first Friday, the second last Wednesday, etc...
  • New Report specific parameters like Time of Day, Speeding based on posted speed limit, and event Duration make filtering out unwanted false-positives easy.
Position Out-of-date Notification

  • New for this release is the ability to configure position out-of-date thresholds
  • The system can generate an event (and email/SMS notification) when a device stops reporting its position
Location proximity and arrival notification

  • Similar to Zones, Location can now raise events when a Device moves nearby.
  • Devices are considered to be near a Location while it is within the Proximity Threshold.
  • Devices are considered to have arrived at a Location while it is stationary and within the Arrived Threshold.
New system notifications

  • You can now receive Started Speeding and Ended Speeding notifications, instead of a notification for every Speeding event.
  • Separate Toll-Road notifications for Canada and US. Works just like the new Speeding notifications for Enter Toll-Road and Exit Toll-Road.
  • Linger Zone notifications with a threshold in the Behaviour Profile for when you want to see anytime an asset stays in a zone longer than they should!
Additions and Bugfixes

  • We have ended support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 7 no longer supported. Please upgrade to the newest release, or choose another browser.
  • Directional arrows depicting motion now rotate to exactly the correct direction instead of one of the eight major headings.