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Permission Level

fullFull control to read, write, delete and create things.
readRead-only access, no changes allowed.
updateRead and write access, but things cannot be deleted or new things created.

Permission Method

grantPermission is given.
revokePermission is taken away.

The kinds of permissions available for UserPermissions.
analyticRuleRules definiting real-time analytic calculations.AnalyticRule
analyticSummaryUpdates to the calculations of real-time analytics.AnalyticSummary
assetAdvancedAssets' advanced properties such as position, attributes, and status tags.AssetAdvanced VehicleAdvanced
assetGeneralAssets' general properties such as name, icon, and labels.AssetGeneral PersonGeneral VehicleGeneralTrailerGeneral
assetMessageMessages from assets and Alerts to the session user.Message
behaviourConfigured behaviours.Behaviour
behaviourLogView and clear the log of debug messages for a behaviour or script.BehaviourLog
behaviourScriptBehaviour script logic.BehaviourScript
companyCreateAccess to add a new child company.Company
companyGeneralRenaming and changing the nodes of a company.CompanyGeneral
companyLabelsCompany's label and tag styles.CompanyLabels
companyPoliciesCompany's SessionPolicy and PasswordPolicy.CompanyPolicies
contactContact information.Contact
dispatchTaskAssets' tasks information.DispatchTask
hosCarrierHours of Service carriers.HosCarrier
hosEventDriver's E-log event records.HosEvent
hosInspectionDriver vehicle inspection reports.HosInspection
iconIcon information.Icon
maintenanceJobHistorical vehicle and trailer maintenance work.MaintenanceJob
maintenanceScheduleRecurring maintenance work for vehicles and trailers.MaintenanceSchedule
picturePicture information.Picture
placeGeneralPlace informationPlaceGeneral
providerAdvancedRaw provider (device) data like GPS coordinates and parsed ODB-II values.ProviderAdvanced
providerConfigurationProvider (device) configurations.ProviderConfiguration
providerGeneralProvider (device) information like name, notes, and selected asset.ProviderGeneral
reportResultHistorical asset details like breadcrumb trails.ReportResult
reportTemplateReport configurationsReportTemplate
sessionAccess to retrieve a list of active sessions and kill sessions.SessionHandle
userAdvancedUser information such as permissions and group membership.UserAdvanced
userGeneralGeneral user information such as name, contact information, and preferences.UserGeneral
userGroupGroup information for easy access control.UserGroup