Fleet Freedom v4 is mobile friendly.  You can log in, view your devices and run reports just like you do on a laptop or desktop computer.


Supported Browsers


Fleet Freedom is tested for full compatibility with the following Browsers:


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer (11 or Higher)

Mozilla Firefox


Logging into Fleet Freedom for the First Time


1. From Browser of your choice, visit https://v4.fleetfreedom.com 

2. Select your preferred language ­ English (Canada/US) or

French (Canada)


3. Enter your username (email address) and temporary password as provided by your Administrator, and select Sign­In.


4. Read through our Terms of Service and select Agree to move to the next step.


5. Change your password to continue using Fleet Freedom.

6. Select Save.


Fleet and Mobile Management Portal


You are now logged into the application.  On the left side of the page you will find the Fleet Freedom dashboard.  By navigating through the various tabs, you can quickly access your tracked vehicles or employees, run reports, set up maintenance schedules and much more.



Fleet Freedom has set up your account to get you started.  If you would like to add or modify the initial setup, please follow the steps below. 


For complete User Guides and How­-To Instructions, please visit our Support Portal  .

Real Time Tracking


Select any Person, Vehicle, Asset or Trailer from the dashboard to expose in more detail its current state. Within the information stripe, we can see where the employee or vehicle is currently located, when it last reported in a location, the current status such as if the employee is On or Off Duty, Moving or Stopped, what vehicle an employee is driving and what Place/Zone the employee or vehicle is within.



How to Collapse the Menu and Show More Map


1. Select the Collapse button to show more of the



2. Menu buttons will appear towards the bottom left of the screen. 



How to Change the Map Options


1. Select the Map Options icon towards the top right hand corner of your screen.  Various options are available.  If it is highlighted in green, it is enabled. 


2. Select or deselect what you want displayed on the map or toggle the Map Type.


How to Run a Report using a Report Template


1. Select Reports.

2. Select an existing Report Template.

3. Select the Start and End Date range for the report.



4. Select the Targets for the report.


Everything ­- All assets in the company

Filtered - Assets with specific label, or specific asset type

Specific ­- Select a specific asset


5. Add any additional Parameters for the report, such as Time of Day or Distance



6. Select Run Report.      

How to Create a New Label


Labels will help you to organize your fleet and mobile resources.

1. Select New Label


2. Type out the name of your label, select a label colour and press Enter.

How to Assign or Remove Labels


1. Select a Person, Vehicle, Trailer, Asset or Place you wish to assign or remove a label.


2. Select the label or labels you wish to assign.  Deselect the label or labels you wish to remove.


3. Save.


How to Create a New Place (Zone/Location)

There are three ways to start the process of creating a new Place.  Using the Address Search, directly from the map if you already have the location selected or by selecting the + sign from within your Places list.  After selecting which option works best for you, Steps 2 ­ 5 will walk you through the remaining steps to complete the Place.

**Helpful Tip:  Under Map Options, switch the Map Type to Satellite to get a better view of the map when drawing zones.

Address Search

(a) Type out the desired address and select the correct one.



(b) Select Create a New Place here.


From the Map


(a) Using your mouse, right click on the map where you would like the Place to be.

(b) Select Create a Place here.

From the Places List 


(a)  Select the + sign.  This will place a pushpin in the center of the map displayed so you can continue creating the new Place.



2. Add a name to easily identify the Place, XZY Office or Head Office for example.


3. Upload a picture of the Place.


4. Select the desired shape of the Place ­ Point, Circle, Rectangle or Polygon.


(a) Point -­ A point or location on the map to identify an address.


 (b) Circle -­ Drawn around the location or address.

To make the circle bigger or smaller, place your cursor over the dotted line, press the left mouse button and drag your mouse to expand or minimize the dotted line until the circle is the desired size.

(c) Rectangle ­- Drawn around the location or address.


To make the rectangle bigger or smaller, place your cursor over the circle at one of the rectangle points, press the left mouse button and drag your mouse to expand or minimize the rectangle until it is the desired size.


(d) Polygon ­- Drawn around the location or address.


Using your mouse, left click on the map where you want to start drawing the polygon.  A hand icon/drawing tool will appear on the map. 

Using your mouse, drag/extend the dotted line, then left click at the next point to continue drawing the outline around the location or address.  

Continue to drag the dotted line and left click until the desired shape has been drawn.  




When finished drawing the zone, select the starting circle to complete the zone.



5. Select Label(s), change Icon, choose zone colour and Save.



Note:  If a label is not assigned to a Place, all Assets will interact with it.


Fleet Freedom Customer Support


Our Customer Support Team is available to assist you Monday ­ Friday, 8:30 AM ­- 5 PM EST.  Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or need assistance with your Fleet Freedom account.


Toll Free:  1­866­787­2548 Option 2 for English or 9 for French Support Email:  support@fleetfreedom.com


 Full Online User Guides and FAQs can be found on our Fleet Freedom Support Portal