1. Select Reports.

2. Select an existing Report Template and Run New.

3. Select the Start and End Date range for the report.

4. Select the Targets for the report.

Everything - All assets in the company

By Labels - All devices with a specific label

By Kind - All Vehicle or All Trailers

Specific - Select a specific asset

5.  Add any additional Filters for the report.

None - No Filters

Inclusive - Results will only include events taking place within the chosen Places and/or Regions

Exclusive - Results will only include events taking place outside the chosen Places and/or Regions

6. Add any additional Parameters for the report, such as Time of Day or Distance Thresholds.

7. Select Run Report.

Tip: You can go back and do other work in Fleet Freedom while waiting for the report to run.  The progress of the report will be displayed.  Once run, you can open the report from the completed reports list.

8.  Select the report you wish to view.  Select the Details Tab to view events graphed by Duration, Distance or Number of Events.  Use the drop down box to select the graph type.  Depending on the report being run, the results are based on the Tags or Attributes selected in the Template, Place or Province/State.

Duration - Provides the total time the event occurred per Asset.  Example: 20 mins Idling or 6 min Speeding.

Distance - Will provide the total distance traveled for each event per Asset.  Example: 50 KM Moving or 10 KM Speeding.

Number of Events - Will provide the total number of events.  Example: 55 Speeding Events or 30 Moving Events.

9.  Select the Summary Tab to view a quick summary of the report results, if applicable.  Not all reports will have a Summary option.  The Summary will provide event type (moving, speeding, stopped etc), duration of the event, distance traveled and location.

Select the Map icon to plot all instances on the Map for an Asset.

Or, select a single instance to plot it on the Map.

Select Details to see the Summary for each Asset.

10. Select the Breakdown tab to see a full breakdown of the report results.  Depending on the report run, the full breakdown will include all events, time, date and location event occurred, speed, odometer, engine hours, Tags, Attributes, engine information, Place(s) interacted with.

11.  To plot events on the map, select the Located Icon.


To refresh the report, select the Refresh Icon.

12.  A Playback option is available for all reports.  The locations and route will be displayed on the map.

Note:  All Ad Hoc reports are automatically deleted after 24 hours, unless Saved.

To Save a report, select the report and the Save icon under the Details Tab.

Green Check Mark = Saved Report

Hour Glass = Unsaved Report