Current Release - Fleet Freedom (2015-01-22)

Additions and Bugfixes

  • Added OBD-II data source toggles to Behaviour Profile to cope with unreliable OBD-II data from some vehicles
  • Route list synchronization throws javascript error
  • Route details do not update when route is re-drawn
  • Routing Widget does not properly save the total distance of the Route
  • Routes with more than 23 destinations are automatically truncated
  • Creating new Users sometimes returns a server error
  • Zones displayed the wrong area; shown as sq Km instead of sq meters
  • Zone notes not being displayed correctly on the Stripe
  • User preferences for metric/standard not being respected in Zone Manager, Location Manager, or Reports
  • Reports not always taking into account local timezone when using Time of Day parameter
  • Updated backend code in preparation of move to Fleet Freedom® version 4.0
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