Fleet Freedom (2014-02-04)

Reports up to 12 times Faster!

  • Reports code base transition results is major performance improvements
  • Biggest gains are in Fuel Tax, PTO, Idling, and Speeding reports

Additions and Bugfixes

  • Missing Reports headers for some reports in some languages
  • Workbook Settings errors resolved for all downloadable Reports
  • Schedules Reports nightly process more stable
  • Schedules Reports set for weekly are not showing the correctly selected day
  • Unable to save "Just Once" Scheduled Reports; the button is disabled
  • Error in adding Ad hoc Maintenance Job for some schedules
  • Maintenance Jobs are showing $0.00 as cost in editor, but a proper value in list
  • User Notifications for several event types need properly translated names
  • Command display error for Dispatch devices
  • Unable to send SMS to certain devices with valid phone numbers
  • Encoding/escape problems with non-alphanumeric (&, %, =, +, etc) characters in SMS messages