Fleet Freedom (2013-08-16)

Downloadable Report in XLS format

Downloadable reports were previously in CSV format. This format contained some raw data which is not easily human readable. The updated downloadable format uses Microsoft's SpreadsheetML format and can be easily read by Office 2003 and up. Similar styling and colours as the Fleet FreedomĀ® reports are used in the downloaded reports.

New supported device manufacturer GenX Mobile

The GNX-5P and GNX-20 modems are low cost, stable platforms on which to base your vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Migrating from other solution providers has never been easier.

Additions and Bugfixes

  • Devices and Zones are ordered correctly
  • SMS and Email messages are now sorted by sent/received date correctly
  • Maintenance Schedules are ordered correctly
  • Maintenance pending jobs, completed jobs, and cancelled jobs are ordered correctly
  • Performance increase for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Hard Braking / Acceleration report now defaults to pulling detailed results
  • Wiring Summary report now correctly calculates results for analog wire threshold exceptions
  • Added Centre point to Zones downloadable spreadsheet
  • Translation and style fixes for some reports