Fleet Freedom (2012-08-01)

Downloadable Spreadsheets

You can now download spreadsheets listing all your Devices, Zones, Locations, Inventory, and historical Maintenance Jobs. When using one of the Managers, click on Commands > Download to export a Microsoft Excel 2003 compatible spreadsheet you can save and refer to offline.

Upgraded Reports Available

We've created two new Reports to replace less useful versions; Field Summary now takes the place of Field Activity, and Wiring Summary replaces Inputs and Outputs.

  • The new Field Summary report breaks down travel time and distance, and summarizes time on site for any saved Zone or Location
  • Wiring Summary shows all places and times when a Device's digital wire is on, or when an analog wire is too low or too high.
Additions and Bugfixes

  • Reports now automatically display any relevant Zones and Locations when displaying results
  • Saved Reports are now categorized more clearly for easier search
  • Engine Hours Report columns mis-aligned
  • Users without the View Zones permission are unable to Run new Reports
  • Maintenance Schedules based on odometer are predicted too soon
  • User's sometimes unable to change their own password even if they have permission
  • Saving a new User in the User Manager throws a javascript error
  • Reports for LBS devices now displays the Position Accuracy in the table instead of Speed
  • Report Events with a Position Accuracy do not display the accuracy radial on the map
  • Zones become unclickable after a long period of usage
  • Report Result Filter names do not appear until after Report loads
  • Zone labels appear on the map when switching to Reports before the list is finished loading