Fleet Freedom (2012-04-04)

Pop-up Notifications

In the lower right corner, just above the Stripe you will see instant notifications for several types of events. Events like Idling, Speeding, Out-of-date, and SMS Messages. Clicking on the notification will bring you right to the device in question and let you take corrective action or respond to the new message.


Widgets give you a real-time view of all devices that are Idling, Speeding, or have Out-of-date positions. In future releases we will be expanding on this system to give you even more relevant information at a glance!

Additions and Bugfixes

  • Our new higher contrast colour scheme!
  • User Manager allows you to choose the pre-configured email server from which notifications are sent.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 sometimes fails to load a Report
  • French characters are showing up as questions marks
  • Google Chrome is not detected properly
  • Google Chrome adds scrolling function to the time/clock controls
  • Setting Track Mode for LBS handsets has conflicts with Timezones
  • The Run Report button is sometimes disabled in some browsers when creating a new Report