Fleet Freedom (2012-03-04)

Improved Reports System

Summary Reports now provide a totals section at the very top for quick reference. For each device, the summary is also time lined graphically to give you a quick overview of when exceptions occurred during the given date range.

  • Improved speed for some Reports when targetting fleets and/or accounts
  • Added Spreader Report for DT-450 devices hooked to salter/spreader units
  • Summary and Totals are downloaded by default, and the full breakdown by choice
  • Improved polyline for summary reports
  • Added graphical display to Saved Reports to give users an idea of how large the results are
Additions and Bugfixes

  • New logo used
  • Deleting a Maintenance Schedule does not ask for confirmation
  • Saving a Maintenance Schedule does not always save recurrence patterns
  • Maintenance Schedule prediction checkbox not saving for some users
  • Schedule Reports ending date range may throw an error "Invalid Date"
  • Write Config commands not working for some modem types
  • IE users unable to print more than one page of a Report
  • Fixed synchronization error with Saved Reports
  • Resolved issue with CSV downloads not escaping all quotation marks
  • Major improvements for iPad, Android tablets, and Playbook