Fleet Freedom (2010-10-29)


  • Right-click on any Device, Location, or any point on the map and you will see routing options.
  1. "Add to Start of Route" will add the current item to the beginning of the Destinations list.
  2. "Add to Middle of Route" will insert the current item to the Destinations list just before the last item.
  3. "Add to End of Route" will add the current item to the end of the Destinations list.
  4. "Remove from Route" is only shown for items already in the route list.
  • Right-click on any mapped way point to remove it from the Route.
  • Under the Destinations list there is a "show options" which will reveal further routing options
  1. Planning: Driving, Walking, and Biking. The Biking option does not work very well in Canada, but does in several US cities.
  2. Avoids: both Highways and Toll Roads can be selected at once.  There is no guarantee of actually avoiding the roads since some routes must use highways or toll-roads.
  3. Optimize: These buttons will solve the "travelling salesman" problem and re-order the way points for most efficient route. The start and end way point will not change. The "Round Trip" option will plot a course back to the start point.
  • Re-order the waypoints yourself by dragging the items in the Destinations list.
  • Add up to ten waypoints to the route.
Additions and Bugfixes

  • Updated to Google Maps API v3.1
  • Right-click drag zoom javscript errors resolved
  • Device Inputs tab shows properly in Google Chrome