Fleet Freedom (2010-06-25)

Scheduled Reports

  • New faster interface for creating and running Reports
  • Queue Reports to run Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or just once some time in the future
  • Receive email notification of completed Scheduled Reports
  • Save Reports within Fleet FreedomĀ® for later review by yourself or a colleague
Additions and Bugfixes

  • New Toolbar layout provides better grouping with more visual area
  • Switched javascript framework from Prototype to Pseudo
  • Added parallel processors to cope with higher load (fewer slow-downs while loading data)
  • Added support for BlackBerry and iPhone tracking using autonomous GPS
  • Added support for Generic Phone App devices
  • Added support for Grace Industries T-PASS man-down transmitter
  • Added support for Teltonika FM4100 modem
  • Resolved "stop script" prompts in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Mostly resolved "insecure content" warning in Internet Explorer
  • A multitude of bugfixes and performance enhancements