Fleet Freedom (2009-12-22)

Bug fix release

  • Resolved failure to load if Internet Explorer asks to view unsecure content
  • Deleting Location fails, causes javascript error
  • Idling Report takes into account GPS fix loss times
  • Breadcrumb Trail Report totals correctly
  • Speeding Report distance travelled offset fixed
  • Route Trace Report removes context from rows since detailed view is a summary
  • IO History added all Analog input values instead of just threshold exceeded values
  • Distance Travelled (Fuel Tax) Report totals correctly
  • Engine Hours Report totals correctly
  • Movement/Stationary Report totals correctly
  • Zone Entry/Exit and Entry/Exit with Exception Reports columns ordered properly
  • Report Manager Progress Bar shows correct progress while loading
  • Mouse-over Report rows to highlight mapped icon, mouse-over mapped icon to highlight row
  • Added click to mapped icon to centre results on relevant row