Fleet Freedom (2009-08-18)

New feature release: Maintenance

  • Schedules allow for recurring maintenance like inspections and oil changes
  • Schedules can be set to recur based on a date, the distance travelled, and the engine working hours
  • Schedules will predict when a job will come due, and can send notifications up to two weeks before hand
  • Maintenance will also keep a record of all Jobs performed
New feature release: User Notification Options

  • Specify the days for which you'd like to receive notification; like Monday to Friday, or just Saturday and Sunday
  • Specify the time of day for your notifications; like 9am to 5pm, or 5pm to 9am to monitor after-hours use
  • Specify the individual events of which you'd like to be notified
Additions and Bugfixes

  • Performance improvements for the entire application
  • Added Icons support for Accounts, Users, Fleets, Behaviours, Locations
  • Added Sleep Mode configuration for Sierra Wireless devices
  • New Graphic User Interface design for Stripe and Administration for speed and ease of use
  • New Session synchronization will update all loaded information on the fly if modified by yourself or by someone else
  • Bug fix for Fleet Reports; timeout issue resolved
  • Bug fix for downloading Reports
  • Bug fix for saving and deleting Zones and Locations
  • Bug fix for deleting Accounts and Fleets