Fleet Freedom (2011-07-19)

Fleet Freedom® is now available in eight languages!

  • English (Canadian and American), French (Canadian and French), Croatian, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Fleet Freedom® detects the language used by your computer or browser and sets that as the default language
  • You can change the language before Signing-in by clicking one of the small flag icons at the bottom of the login box
Added Devices Manufacturers: Enfora, CalAmp, and DataTrans

  • Enfora Spider MT series devices for vehicle tracking
  • Enfora Spider AT series devices for fixed asset tracking
  • CalAmp LMU4200 device for flexible, lower cost vehicle tracking
  • CalAmp LMU2600 and LMU2601 devices for low cost and vehicle tracking with backup battery
  • DataTrans DT-450 support including Engine Diagnostic for Ambulance and public service
Behaviour Profiles: Special Wires and more Wires

  • A new Special Wires section exists in Behaviour Profiles for defining Ignition
  • Ignition now a virtual state and can be configured as a Digital wire, an Analog wire, or one of each
  • Behaviour profile wiring can now be added and deleted
  • Digital and Analog wiring support up from 5 wires to 9 wires
Tablet & Browser Support

  • Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Safari browser (iOS version 4.3 and newer)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook browser (all versions)
  • Android 3.0 browser and higher (Android 2.1 and newer also supported excluding Zones)
  • This is the final verison of Fleet Freedom® to support Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
  • Windows XP users must upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 (available here) for our next release.
  • If you are unable to upgrade due to your companiy's policy or internal tools, please choose another browser.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are encouraged to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 (available here).
  • Support for Firefox 5.0
Additions and Bugfixes

  • Mapped Zones are drawn with a label when the Zone is wide enough to show the text
  • Stripe now displays object type beside the selected item's name
  • New zoom level control more accurately reflects zoom levels for the map
  • Clicking to show Asstes, Zones, and Locations in Map Options would not automatically load them if they are hidden by default
  • Mapped items do not update their label when saved form the Stripe
  • Accuracy overlays do not always display when changing zoom levels
  • Drawing a new Zone and deleting vetexes sometimes does not redraw on the map
  • Firefox selects containing element instead of next form input when using tab key